Naivedyam Bhog - Ganga View Restaurant in Rishikesh
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Naivedyam Bhog

Naivedyam Bhog - Restaurant in Rishikesh near Ganga

Ganga View Restaurant in Rishikesh

Satisfy your inner connoisseur at our restaurant Naiveidyam Bhog, and indulge in the region’s most famous delicacies. Enjoy your meal at a royal dining space with panoramic views of the arcadian Himalayan hills of Rishikesh. Our multi-cuisine restaurant in Rishikesh curated a menu of an eclectic mix of regional and exotic delicacies. A picturesque and inviting dining area awaits your presence nestled in the idyllic hills near brookside. Be our guest, and we promise you’ll taste divine on a plate at our in-house restaurant.

Making the best moments extra special

Who doesn't like a plate full of Indian flavours and goodness?

Melding the most tempting flavours with the royal ambience of Naivedyam Bhog is all that you need to make your eve awesome. The menu balances staunchly classic Indian recipes with fresh ingredients and offers an eclectic array of delicacies. Our chefs are experts in creating cuisines that compliment the flavours and tradition of the country with regional ingredients and global techniques. Showcasing world-class hospitality, our in-house restaurant in Rishikesh is a hideaway where good food, culture, laughter and conversation come together in a delightsome pot. Time stops at our brilliant diner by the Ganges overlooking the breathtaking views of the city that lits up every evening to celebrate the beauty of Rishikesh.

The Neeraj Ganga Heritage Palace

NH58, Badrinath Highway, Muni Ki Reti, Rishikesh - 249137 Uttarakhand, INDIA