July 15, 2022


Rishikesh, nestled in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayas, is alluringly gorgeous and a visual pleasure. The atmosphere found here is both relaxed and solemn. The sound of distant temple bells is like a melody to your ears. The sacred Ganges River that runs through the city is nothing short of a natural wonderland. Nonetheless, the ever-present, pleasant company of yogis and the never-ending scent that wafts in its wind is always a benefit. And a wedding at a luxury hotels in Rishikesh may successfully integrate all of these features, resulting in the most unique celebration of all time.

But how much does have a decent destination wedding cost in Rishikesh?

If this is what you are wondering then the best destination weddings in Rishikesh has put it all together for you. Generally, a 2–3-day wedding in Rishikesh with a guest list of roughly 150 individuals should cost between 5 and 30 Lakhs. However, the budget of each wedding is heavily influenced by aspects such as the location, the number of days of celebration, and the number of guests invited.

The location for your festivities is an essential factor in determining your budget for your destination wedding. Booking the same location for all of your functions will undoubtedly save you money. In India, Rishikesh is a very popular destination for weddings. The Neeraj Ganga Heritage is a beautiful venue located in Rishikesh that offers budget destination wedding in Rishikesh. You can easily locate a broad range of affordable as well as luxury hotels in Rishikesh depending on your budget and the scale of your wedding.

A destination wedding should ideally last three days. Try to pack as many rites and functions into a day as possible so that the celebration may be completed in the shortest amount of time. The more days of celebration you have, the more your budget will grow. Plus, only close relatives and friends are usually invited to a destination wedding. So, if you are organizing a low-budget wedding, the guest list should not exceed 100-150 persons.

Other wedding-related expenses that affect your budget include photographers, wedding coordinators, makeup artists, and caterers. However, The Neeraj Ganga Heritage Palace takes care of all these things and is equipped with all of the amenities, top-notch catering services, and serves as an excellent location for your destination wedding. Our hotel is in one of Rishikesh’s most exotic locations that offer a panoramic view of the Ganges running beneath the princely Himalayas.

Following that, if you’re searching for someone who can live up to your fairy tale wedding aspirations, we’re your confidante. Feel free to contact us for help when planning your destination wedding in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. We are also open to as many customizations as you like in order to provide you with the most fantastic experience possible. 

The Neeraj Ganga Heritage Palace

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