7 Great Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Rishikesh

7 Great Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Rishikesh

March 3, 2023

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that all brides and grooms enjoy to the utmost and the pre-wedding shoot of the couple marks the start of the wedding festivities.

Rishikesh is both a spiritual and an exciting location. Yet you should also be aware of the city’s other characteristics. Rishikesh is a sacred city surrounded by Mountains and the Ganga River, which can be seen from most Rishikesh Hotels. It has scenic and natural beauty. As a result, it provides an excellent backdrop for pre-wedding photography.

In light of this, this blog will highlight seven such pre-wedding shoot locations in Rishikesh that would make an excellent backdrop for a pre-wedding shoot.

The Top 7 Locations in Rishikesh for Pre-Wedding Shoot
Lakshman Jhula

Lakshman Jhula is a renowned tourist site in Rishikesh. It is a suspension bridge across the Ganga River that links the villages of Tehri and Pauri. The view from the bridge is spectacular, with the Mountains in the background, as seen from hotels in Rishikesh near Ganga. The Ganga River runs beneath the Lakshman Jhula. 

The Lakshman Jhula covers the mountain and river in a single image, making it ideal for a pre-wedding shoot. The importance of Lakshman Jhula is that it is the same jute ropeway that Lord Laxman used to cross the Ganges during the Ramayana. The beauty and religious importance make Laxman Jhula an excellent choice for your pre-wedding shoot location.

Neer Garh Waterfalls

Pre-Wedding shoots may always benefit from the presence of water in the background. Hence, why not visit the Neer Garh Waterfalls in Rishikesh?

The Neer Garh Waterfalls are around 5-7 kilometers from Laxman Jhula. It is a natural waterfall that makes an excellent location for a pre-wedding shoot. The bride and groom’s wet hair and clothes from the waterfall may make the pre-wedding shoot appear incredibly romantic.

Couples may also take a short hike from Lakshman Jhula to the Neer Garh Waterfalls. Overall, it is a must-see pre-wedding photo location in Rishikesh. The months of October through April are the ideal times to visit Neer Garh Waterfalls for a pre-wedding photo session.


Kaudiyala is a hamlet in Uttarakhand, near Rishikesh. It is well-known among tourists for its river rafting. The settlement may be found on the road from Rishikesh to Devprayag.

With a body of water as a backdrop, any pre-wedding photography may become the greatest. As a result, Kaudiyala is an excellent location for your Rishikesh pre-wedding photography.

Kaudiyala is located at a reasonable distance from the big Rishikesh hotels, making it more accessible. To have a wonderful time at Kaudiyala, one can consider camping, trekking, and rafting for your Pre-wedding photography.

The ideal months to visit Kaudiyala for a pre-wedding shoot are between March and June, and September and November.

Ram Jhula

Ram Jhula is another well-known Rishikesh attraction. It is also a suspension bridge across the Ganga that connects two well-known Rishikesh ashrams, Swarg Ashram, and Sivananda Ashram.

Ram Jhula is easily seen from any Rishikesh accommodation and is an excellent Pre-Wedding shoot location in Rishikesh because of the breathtaking views of the Mountains and the River Ganga.

You may take wonderful images and videos at the Ram Jhula with the help of a competent photographer for your Pre-wedding Session.

The months of September through March are the best for the pre-wedding shoot at Ram Jhula.

Neem Beach

Another river rafting venue that may be used for pre-wedding photography is Neem Beach.

If you enjoy adventure, then Neem Beach is the perfect pre-wedding shoot location in Rishikesh. 

To go to Neem Beach, you may take a cab from Rishikesh Hotels.

Neem Beach has scenic beauty with water in the backdrop, making it ideal for photography. You may also have fun with your lover by going river rafting. You may also select between Marine River Rafting and Shivpuri River Rafting.

Moreover, Neem Beach is the cheapest location for Pre-Wedding Photography. The best months to visit Neem Beach for a pre-wedding shoot are March to April and September to October.


Rishikund is an ancient lake near Rishikesh’s Triveni Ghat. It is conveniently accessible from any Rishikesh hotel.

Rishikund is a holy lake with steps all around it that provide a great perspective of the entire area. Rishikund’s tranquility and its historic architecture may provide an excellent backdrop for your pre-wedding shoot.

And, since the area is less crowded, you may continue shooting without interruption. It is also a fairly accessible location near Triveni Ghat. The months of September through April are the ideal times to visit Rishikund.

The Jumpin Heights

Do you like to try new things? Do you enjoy novelty? If so, Jumpin Heights is the location for your pre-wedding shoot.

Jumpin Heights is one of the exciting pre-wedding shoot locations in Rishikesh. You may get to Jumpin Heights from any hotel in Rishikesh using one of the several transportation alternatives offered.

The entire runtime of Jumpin Heights is 3.5 hours. During the activity, you may bring your cameraperson for an inventive and distinctive pre-wedding shoot at the Jumping Heights location. The activity location is open all year.


Rishikesh is a fantastic spot to travel and capture amazing moments for your pre-wedding session. This is because the city is a mix of historic and modern ages, it has many fantastic sites that might be ideal for pre-wedding shoots. Plus, the majority of locations are easily reachable from the hotels in Rishikesh by taxi or bus.

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